Welcome to Erock3D!

We create models, props and assets for Daz Studio that you can download here for free, with no sign-up required! These assets can then be used in all of your renderings, stills and animations, both for personal AND commercial use. Royalty free! For more information please visit the “About” section of this website.

Please note that all products available on this website were created with materials intended for use with the NVIDIA Iray rendering engine (included in Daz Studio.)

What’s New? – 12/09/2018

Dandelion Flower Set now Free!

First off, I’d like to thank those of you who purchased this set when it first came out.  Your contribution to help keep the site up and running was put to good use and is greatly appreciated!

Unfortunately, working with the download delivery services has been more of a hassle for me than it is worth.  Not only that, but I’d like more people to have the opportunity to use these models in their renders.  I spent a good amount of time making these, and I hate to see them neglected.

Therefore, I’ve decided to make the Dandelion Flower Set completely free!

I’ve also added just a simple Pay Pal “Contribute” button now as a way to show your support, if interested.

Thanks! – Eric, Erock3D

News – 11/17/2018

Happy Holidays! – Free Pumpkin Pie!

Fresh out of the Blender “oven” and ready for your holiday renders, my free 3D Pumpkin Pie models for use in Daz Studio!  Download now!

Enjoy! – Eric, Erock3D

Erock3D - Pumpkin Pie