Hi there, my name is Eric Havlovick and I create 3D models, props and assets for use in Daz Studio.   Many of these assets are available for free, here on my website Erock3D.com, and can be used in all of your 3D renderings (stills and animations), for both personal AND commercial use.  Royalty free!

For those unfamiliar with Daz Studio, it is a “POWERFUL and FREE 3D creation software tool that is not only easy to use yet but feature and functionality rich.”

Yes, the software is free, and it comes packaged with a reasonable amount of free assets.  It’s also a good program to get started with if you’ve ever had any sort of interest in 3D art or animation. I wouldn’t necessarily say it is easy, but it does a good job at teaching, through tutorials and self learning, the basics of 3D object movement, manipulation, and navigation.  It is also a lot of fun!

I’ve been using Daz Studio, and Blender, which I use to model and make all my 3D creations, for only about a year now. In fact, I had little to no experience working in the 3D “realm” prior to picking up Daz Studio. That being said, I do have many years of professional graphic design experience. I designed and launched the first website for a large international motorcycle helmet brand in late 1995 / early 1996. From there I went on to create numerous full page full color ads that appeared in many of the top motorcycle magazine publications in the US. Eventually I went on to design the major aesthetic aspects of many of the apparel related products (racing suits, jackets both sport and recreational, boots, gloves, etc.). I have been using Photoshop professionally for over 20 years now, which is also a very important tool in my workflow of 3D content creation.

Print Ad I Designed that Appeared in Motorcyclist Magazine, 2001 – 2002

I love to create, and I made this website as a way to share my creations with the rest of the 3D world. I do eventually hope to create products that can be sold on 3D Content Marketplace sites such as Daz3d.com and Renderosity.com. And while, in the future, I may have an informational page/section on this website that promotes said products, I intend to keep this site focused on free content.

One of the first free products I will be offering is the Erock3D Free Grass System. In the eleven months I have been using Daz Studio, I have yet to find a simple product available, free or purchased, that provides just a basic grass system that isn’t overly resource heavy.  There are a lot of good looking grass products for sale out there. Many of which create large, lush, rolling hills of wildly growing grass. The promos are beautiful!  Unfortunately, the perception of being resource intensive, and often times the requirement for an additional purchase of an instancing system to use the product to its fullest, have deterred me from acquiring such items.

I therefore felt the need, for personal use at first, to create my own grass that would fit into my specifications and needs.

  1.  That it looks reasonably good (better than a flat textured plane.)
  2.  That it covers more than just a small patch.
  3.  That it will be usable on my PC without grinding the viewport to a halt.

I think I’ve manage to cover all three, AND make the product available to you for free! And while it still can be resource heavy, you can easily control the amount that your system is capable of handling. The product was created on what I would consider to be a entry to mid level system for Iray rendering. (i7 third generation, 12gb ram, 1050ti 4GB VRAM GPU.) And ultimately, if you download it and it doesn’t work well with your system, well it didn’t cost you anything and you don’t have to bother with returning a product that doesn’t fit your needs!

Anyway, thank you for visiting my website! I hope you enjoy using these models and props as much as I enjoyed creating them.  Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.  And don’t forget to visit and like/follow my Facebook and Twitter pages to keep track of the latest news, updates, and free stuff!

– Eric