Dandelion Flower Set

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Create DateDecember 9, 2018

Dandelion Flower Set

Includes 60 Dandelion Distribution Props, utilizing our exclusive Crafted Polygon Particle Propagation Object system (or “CPPPO” for short), and specifically created for use with the Erock3D Free Grass System, Outhouse Set, or as small clusters that can be used almost anywhere.

Also includes Twelve Individual dandelion plants.
– Four just Flowers
– Four just Seeds
– Four mixed plants with both Flowers and Seeds

The dandelion flower was created by using multiple transparent planes instead of just a single plane. This provides a more accurate representation of the flower, while still keeping the object generally low poly.

The dandelion seed ball has a setting for adding displacement, which can be used to make the ball look “fluffier” in closer up shots. The individual plants default with displacement on, the CPPPO distribution props default with it off. There are buttons in the Materials tab to add or remove the displacement.

Please note that with displacement on, some of the distribution objects with larger quantities may noticeably slow your system down. It can also add a fair amount to the memory needed for geometry when rendering. You may want to use a combination of displacement in the foreground, no displacement in the background type of setup. Also, when turned on with this button, the SubD displacement level is set to 3, which is the recommended level. Go higher and the fuzziness becomes too dense… lower and it just doesn’t look good.

Iray materials only.

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