Erock3D Free Grass System

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Create DateAugust 9, 2018

Erock3D Free Grass System

Are you tired of just using flat textured planes that somewhat resemble grass? Or are you just having a hard time finding a basic grass system that looks good, is easy to learn in just a few minutes, and won't cost you anything!?

This grass system will allow you to create lush lawns, yards, small fields, or other areas that might have previously only been represented by a grass plane image.

Created using our exclusive "Crafted Polygon Particle Propagation Object" system (CPPPO for short), this enables the grass props to be mixed to increase fullness, and to add variety in color and length.

If needed for larger areas, the grass objects and bases can be instanced or duplicated with relative ease. All of the grass objects, with perhaps minor rotation adjustment, are visually seamless.

The system contains 10 grass distribution objects.
- Three Full Coverage
- Four Mixed (Two Pairs, each with a direct opposite)
- Three Clusters

These grass objects can all be stacked to provide a fuller, more diverse end result. Rotating the objects in 90 degree increments will create even more possibilities.

There are 10 premade grass blade material options. The system also comes with a simple base plane and 10 material options. Because lighting can vary greatly, and the materials react differently to different lighting, numerous material options have been provided to help you find a grass color and base combination that will fit your artistic needs.

Should that not be enough, the grass itself is crafted in such a way that all of the colors are easily adjustable in the surfaces panel using the color selector. Each material set consists of four individual blade colors. This allows for full customization and control of the colors. The possibilities are endless.

Includes an easy to follow 17 page tutorial.

Additionally, we have, and will hopefully continue to make other plants, flowers, and weeds that work within the same measurement and distribution system. Also, some of my other sets, including my Outhouse set, use the same grass blade color system, so the mats are interchangeable.

Please Note: While this product was designed on what I would consider an entry to mid level system for Iray rendering, (i7 third generation, 12gb ram, 1050ti 4GB VRAM GPU), it can still be rather resource heavy. I suggest starting with a minimal amount of tiles or grass objects to get a feel for what your system can handle. You may need to get creative in the placement of your grass and camera. Large rolling fields with wildly growing grass were not what was intended with this product.

Have fun!

Please view the Gallery page for more images.  All of the grass shown in those images were created by this grass system.