Outhouse With Grass and Ferns

File Size141 MB
Create DateAugust 30, 2018

Outhouse with Grass and Ferns

So many great 3D cabins, yet nowhere to get your business done! Until now!!

Outhouse Prop with functioning door and finished interior. Also included are five fern models, four of which are modeled to fit around corners.

Additionally, four 4M square grass distribution props are included, which were created using our exclusive "Crafted Polygon Particle Propagation Object" system (CPPPO for short). These props can be mixed to increase fullness, and to add variety in color and length. Two base mats are included; one with a dirt path, and one without.

For additional grass blade color materials, base mats, and 10 CPPPO grass distribution props, please download the Erock3D Free Grass System product from our website, https://erock3d.com, for free. No sign-up required! The materials in this system, including the grass colors, are compatible with the grass props in the Outhouse package.

Iray materials only.

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