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12 entries.
Tracy from Sacramento wrote on June 7, 2020:
The freebies are a very nice gift to the 3D community. Thank you!
Michael from Owensboro wrote on September 14, 2019:
Love your free items such wonderful work to give to the community. Many thanks for all you do.
Barb from West Melbourne wrote on July 13, 2019:
Thanks for your great freebies. I donated today. 🙂
Anthony J. Sims from Bellefontaine wrote on April 28, 2019:
Thank you for your wonderful website! ^_^
Edio from Marília wrote on February 23, 2019:
Vejo o site muito promissor, tudo pra dar muito certo, parabéns, eu retorno!
Michael from Wakefield wrote on January 17, 2019:
Many thanks for all you do! Cheers!!!
Klaus Brandt "ArtFantasy" from HoyWoy wrote on October 20, 2018:
Hi Eric,
thank you so much for your engagement, stay tuned!
Steve wrote on September 29, 2018:
Great work. Thank you very much
Steven from Covington wrote on September 16, 2018:
Wonderful grass products. Thank you very much.
Linda from Barnegat wrote on September 14, 2018:
Thank you so much for this Grass System, can't wait to try it out! I was going to also get the Dandelions package but couldn't find a paypal link, only credit cards. Should you decide to add paypal I'll be back. Thank you again. 🙂
Kettu wrote on September 8, 2018:
Awesome freebies, and the paid-for dandelion kit is totally worth it!
Eric from Erock3D.com wrote on September 6, 2018:
Welcome everyone!